Supa Punt in short

Supa Punt™ is fundamentally a very simple game that can be played by anyone who likes to kick an oval shaped football

Essentially what Supa Punt™ does is give players an objective and sets out a framework of rules, most of which are common sense with an understanding of the concept. Supa Punt™ is a non-contact kicking game played one on one, or in doubles, on either a rugby union, rugby league, soccer, or gridiron field.

Players are attempting to gain a territorial advantage with the aim of scoring a point by kicking the ball across their opponents goal line. The skills required in Supa Punt™ are common to many codes of football, thus creating a level playing field. Players can match their skills against players from codes they would otherwise not meet on the playing field, hence creating a contest that does not favor the skills from any one.

Supa Punt on the field